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Communications strategy

An effective marketing and communications strategy is something every organisation needs.

Marketing essentials

Marketing isn’t just for commercial businesses. Whatever your organisation, you have 3 essentials, you can’t afford to ignore to meet your mission and achieve your goals

  1. the need to look competent
  2. the need to broaden your reach
  3. the need to nurture your relationships

A sound communications strategy will help you achieve these goals.

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Our approach

Our approach is to put the focus on marketing, branding and communications that are built on a foundation of clear vision, relevant strategy and authenticity, which can then be consistently communicated across all of the organisation’s communications.

We believe in the value of clear, consistent messaging and high-quality design and the power it gives each organisation to reach its potential audience. This is the key if you want to build your brand, raise awareness and strengthen your relationships with customers, supporters and communities.

A strategic and consistent approach to your communications will influence how constituents perceive you in the short term and build trust and awareness for the longer term.


The key2creative team delivered fantastic results within totally unreasonable time-frames, while still managing to maintain quality and service at the highest levels. What more could I ask for?

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