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Introducing our new team members!

It’s been a big few months here at Key2! We’ve been supporting our friends and clients with a huge range of amazing projects including new brand identities, large scale campaigns, […]

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Brenda’s Amazon Sellers story

You might remember Brenda, our lovely former Account Manager. Since moving on from key2 (to Spain!) Brenda has set up her own online business. Here’s her story … Is it […]

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Top 3 fundraising tips for 2018

One of the most common challenges facing charities is how they can meet fundraising targets with limited resources available to them. The expectations of management and boards can become so […]

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Why WordPress?

We’ve been developing websites using WordPress a lot over the last five years. A number of common questions come up when we discuss using WordPress for a client. I’m hoping […]

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What is your brand?

Many organisations see their brand as just as the logo or the pretty, design-y bits … just something they may need to on our website and business cards.  And whilst […]

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Do you love your brand?

It’s not uncommon for an organisation to mess with their brand. I’m not talking about tweaking, refining or ‘refreshing it’ … I’m talking ‘messing’ with it, big time! I’m sure […]

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Ten principals of not-for-profit branding

There are many ways to make your brand and message sing, however here are ten principals of not-for-profit branding that may help get your organisation on the right path. Your […]

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