Introducing our new team members!

It’s been a big few months here at Key2! We’ve been supporting our friends and clients with a huge range of amazing projects including new brand identities, large scale campaigns, videos, photography and websites galore (more on all of those soon!).

We’ve also welcomed two new faces to the team!

We’d love for you to meet Taran, who has joined us as a Digital Designer and Front-End Developer, and Kirsty who will be supporting our clients with their Digital Marketing and Communications needs.

Taran (or Tarzan as your autocorrect will call him) is a true lover of all things creative. With a background in film, photography and graphic design, and more recently transitioning into digital design and web development, Taran has tried his hand at just about everything. He’s also worn many, admittedly random, extra hats in his time: stunt coordinator/fight choreographer, makeup artist, music composer, visual effects artist (to name a few). A self-diagnosed digital fanatic, he loves designing, pressing camera buttons, filming stuff, editing that filmed stuff and coding…oh so much coding.

When he’s not glued to his screen, Taran enjoys playtime with his dogs, a mean dumplings/bubble tea combo, working on his passion projects, and for reasons we still can’t explain, doing his laundry. He also enjoys picking apart and analysing every movie he watches, so best not invite him to your next cinema-going experience.

Kirsty joins us from the not-for-profit sector and is a self-confessed digital data geek (asking her to walk you through Google Analytics is like telling a 5-year-old that they’re allowed to open their Christmas presents a week early). Having worked in a number of NFPs including Anglicare WA and The Salvation Army in Melbourne, as well as State and Local Government, Kirsty understands the unique nature of the sectors and is no stranger to quickly halting the writing of a social media strategy in order to stuff envelopes for a donor event. She’s a natural learner with a diverse digital marketing, philanthropy and communications background who believes your WHY is at the heart of everything written, strategised and communicated.

In her spare time, Kirsty enjoys patting dogs, hunting for Perth’s best burger and is close to completing a Certificate 4 in Fitness (to balance all the burger eating). The soundtrack to her life is ‘That’s Not My Name’ by The Ting Tings as the sentence she has said most in her life is “it’s Kirsty, not Kristy”.

Welcome to the team, Taran and Kirsty!

Key2 team members, Kirsty and Taran

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