Not another password!

“ARGHHHH! Not another password to remember” – we hear this all the time when it comes to handing over a Content Management System to a client. So, here’s two options that will make life a lot easier, and your time online much more secure.

  1. Use a password manager like LastPass. Sign up and store all your passwords in one safe and secure place, and you’ll only ever need to remember the one password to access them all. LastPass is free and works with every modern web browser. And, when you have a few spare minutes, you can update your old short and insecure passwords with new, longer and stronger ones – LastPass will generate these for you, and store them safely. Visit
  2. Create long, hard to crack passwords using the Password Haystacks method. The most important thing about your passwords are their length, the longer the better. Why not use a formula that you can use to create long and easy to remember passwords. Something like this: your ebay account could have the password e—B—A—y—, that’s 16 mixed characters and practically impossible for anyone else to crack. You can then apply a similar “haystack” (in which to bury the “needle” that is you simple, memorable word) to your other passwords: y—A—H—o—o for your Yahoo account,  g—M—A—i—l for your Gmail account, etc. Visit

Whatever you do, make sure all your passwords are long, at least 14 characters, and are not words that can be found in the dictionary.

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