Reforms driving NFP’s to a highly competitive environment – are you ready?

It’s been a year of continuous change with Not-for-Profit (NFP) community services being impacted by the significant number of Reforms based around the philospophy of ‘Consumer Directed Care’.

And, there’s the crunch – now more than ever those NFPs need to reposition themselves and invest in effective marketing and communications strategies that will enable them to stand out in what is becoming a very competitive, populated marketplace.

NFP’s are different from commercial businesses but it’s imperative that they have a clear, cohesive organisational identity and comms system that communicates and supports their goals and objectives, whilst honouring their overall vision and ongoing values. Each NFP organisation has a uniqueness that if communicated well can encourage more support, staff, volunteers and donors.

Many creative agencies are ‘creative-driven’, an approach that often doesn’t involve a deep knowledge of NFP clients or the intricacies of the sector or marketplace they operate within. For NFPs, this can make communicating with the creative agency as difficult as communicating effectively with their audience.

Creative agencies that understand the nature of your work can better deliver outcomes that help you achieve your objectives and therefore your Mission – so it makes sense to choose your creative partners wisely.

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