Sandy Fordham, Designer / Illustrator – shines

Our very talented Sandy Fordham (Freelance designer and illustrator at key2creative) has just scored a glowing mention and review for her illustration and design work on the ‘Chunyart and the Cheeky Parrot’ book.

Amongst other things, West Weekends book reviewer William Yeoman says the book is “vividly illustrated”, “a delightful yarn” and a “wonderful education resource for people of all ages and backgrounds”.

The ‘Chunyart and the Cheeky Parrot’ book – written by Alton Walley and Illlustrated by Sandy Fordham. Richard Walley and Rosalie Okely – the book was co-illustratred by Sandy in an independant freelance project for the King Park Botanical Gardens. Launched by Environment Minister Albert Jacob at a special ceremony in Kings Park Botanical Gardens, the book tells of the adventures of a young Noongar boy (Chunyart) and his journey to becoming a man. During his travels, Chunyart and his cheeky friend the 28-Parrot, explores and learns about the plants and animals in his environment.

Awesome work Sandy –  we’re all very proud of you!

‘Chunyart and the Cheeky Parrot’ book cover


From left: Rosalie Okely, Alton Walley and Sandy Fordham

Book review by West Weekends William Yeoman

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