Social Media and your Organisation

Embracing technology

Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, Linkedin – it can get overwhelming sometimes.  The communication world has exploded and our language has morphed into “trolls” “tweets” and “hashtags”.  Some of us remember a “mouse” being vermin… How quickly technology has infiltrated our lives!

Being strategic

But don’t get perplexed by the speed of it all.  Communication has always been about meaningful dialogue and an effective outcome.  There’s no need for a fearful scattergun approach.  Social Media, like all marketing, should be strategic.  Effective communication is still about being clear on your goals and objectives.  You need to deliver the right message to reach the right target audience.  There is always merit in a well thought out plan.  Without one you will eventually be overwhelmed or burnt out.  You need to be proactive not reactive.

Do some research

So what works best for your organisation?  What social media platforms does your target audience use?  Is it Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, Linkedin?  Do some simple research to view your competitors, search your brand name, research some key words for your organisation.  Who are the influencers that could be relevant to your brand?  Build a list and target them regularly and relationships and business will build naturally.

Building relationships

With everything you do, you should be aiming to increase positive sentiment of your brand.  You need to drive people to your website which will hopefully result in increased business or future partnership opportunities.  The cycle of marketing always evolves.  No matter what you do you should frequently analyse, adapt and improve.

Your company social media policy

Has your company developed a social media policy?  You need to set in place some guidelines for staff about the etiquette of using social media.  You should be honest, respectful and straightforward at all times.  High standards of business and personal ethics should always remain regardless of media used.  Review what you might send and think twice before posting it.  If you think it might make someone in the organisation uncomfortable don’t send it.  Use appropriate tone and avoid being offensive.  Your behaviour reflects on your organisation.  Make sure it’s exemplary!

Make a plan

It takes time to develop a social media strategic plan but, in today’s cluttered environment, having one will sharpen your focus and help deliver results.  It’s all about content marketing.  So make your content relevant.


Have you embraced technology? √
Are you being strategic? √
Have you done your research? √
Are you building relationships? √
Have you developed a social media policy? √
Are you monitoring results? √
How relevant is your content marketing? √

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