Growing up strong with Meerilinga

Services Provided


Key2 was approached by Meerilinga – a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the development and wellbeing of children – to assist in the logo development and branding for their ‘Toddler Tucker – Grow us up strong!’ campaign, a federally funded pilot program aimed to improve children’s health. 

The How

The design for the logo was to be positioned in harmony with the existing Meerilinga brand and utilising its distinctive shapes, colours and font.

The project also involved creating a suite of flyers and other marketing materials as well as dvd's and an ad campaign.

Realising the need for bespoke imagery for the campaign we suggested Meerilinga approach Wirrapanda family to act as ambassadors for ‘Grow Us Up Strong!’ and they were happy to donate their time for such a good cause.

The Outcome

The logo is a bright and engaging child-focussed design which embraces the style of the Meerilinga brand.

Key2 were able to plan and co-ordinate a video and photoshoot with the Wirrapanda family giving Meerilinga an extensive image resource to showcase their amazing work.

The Meerilinga evolution

Taking a historic brand to the next level.

ECU course guides

Designed to engage prospective new students.