Gnullar Koorliny Wargyl koorl

The Public Transport Authority approached key2 to collaborate with Kart Koort Wiern in helping them develop iconography that seeks to describe the Forrestfield-Airport Link project through the eyes of Indigenous Western Australians.

The key deliverable was to produce an illustrative representation of the Noongar culture and preserve the connection to country and cultural heritage within the project footprint.

The How

The initial sketches were produced in consultation with Ingrid Cumming of Kart Koort Wiern and explain each element of the icon and its meaning, such as the waalitj or eagle the biggest bird in the sky linking it to aircraft and the koorliny along the wing span which represent the travelling of people to and from the airport.

The Outcome

The final illustration and supporting graphic representing the acknowledgement to the traditional custodians of the country being worked in, was rolled out across various events designed to inform and engage the community.

Rebranding Baptistcare

A comprehensive rebrand of Baptistcare to raise the organisations profile in changing and competitive market.