The Meerilinga evolution

It was the approach of their centenary celebration that saw Meerilinga initially approach key2 with their rebrand project, recognising that a refreshed look could help them elevate the organisation to the next level.

The How

In briefing the project, the client indicated the importance of retaining the historic symbolism surrounding the embracing circles in their existing logo, and so an evolutionary approach was taken.

The Outcome

The result is a modern representation and evolution of Meerilinga, positioning them as a strong, professional, friendly organisation.

Supporting collateral including a style guide, stationery, brochures, posters, building signage and an extensive set of artwork templates for use by an internal designer was created.

Meerilinga has since received a number of grants through Lotterywest as a direct result of their repositioning. This allowed them to extend the brand to other services including Children’s Week WA and Toddler Tucker’s 'Grow Us Up Strong!' campaign in which we were heavily involved in the signing of David Wirrpanda, his wife Shannon McGuire and their children as the ambassadors for the campaign.

Our great partnership continues and we have since been the creative agency for various campaigns, marketing material and a website for Children’s Week WA.

Fiona Stanley Hospital

Creating a strong visual identity for Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Growing up strong with Meerilinga

A bespoke approach for a child health campaign.