Looking for expertise in Annual Report design and delivery?

As communications specialists, we can help you produce an Annual Report that will raise your Corporate or Government organisation’s profile, create awareness and do justice to the work you do – lifting it from an historical account of what you did last year to highlights of the incredible results your supporters made possible.

Communicating your message

Readers need to be able to easily understand why you do what you do, the difference your activities make and how they help you to accomplish your mission.

Transparency fosters trust

It may seem like a lot of work but transparency in reporting can help foster public trust and build community support, because it provides information about the impact your organisation is making as a whole.

A marketing opportunity

Your report has the potential to be a great marketing tool that can be used to engage with the people who care about the same things that your organisation does. It is also a great avenue for keep the lines of communication open and to recognise the involvement of all those who have helped you achieve your mission throughout the year.

How we can help

key2creative can assist you to:

  • communicate effectively with your stakeholders
  • showcase what you’ve accomplished
  • highlight the contribution and the effect of achievements on all people
  • personalise your storytelling
  • demonstrate transparency and accountability
  • reassure existing donors or investors
  • attract new supporters or stakeholders
  • present your reporting in the most effective format

Download the ebook

Download your free copy of the Tips for producing a Brilliant Annual Report, to guide you through all the essentials of Corporate and Government annual reporting.

The Tips for producing a Brilliant Annual Report  essential guide for Corporate and Government annual reports includes:

  • the essentials of Corporate and Government annual reporting
  • why you should invest in your report
  • how to tell your story in a more engaging way through storytelling and infographics
  • checklists to guide you through the process
  • advice on printing options
  • a review of the ‘digital’ options now available
  • how you can use the Internet and social media to grow audience

How we can help you

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