Our budget NFP website package

What's included

  • Help with planning your website including help with your sitemap, organising what goes where.

  • A modern, crisp and clean website that works on all platforms from your mobile phone through to your large desktop screen.

  • A very easy means of managing your website: you'll have no problems adding and editing pages and news stories.

  • A website that can be used by people of all ages and abilities with a website built following the WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines.

  • The security, reliability, and flexibility you get from using best practice Wordpress development.


A modern, crisp and clean website that works on all platforms from your mobile phone through to your large desktop screen.

  • A friendly and contemporary interface, ensuring the website is easy to use.

  • A "responsive design" providing a quality experience for people accessing the site from mobile and tablet devices as well as traditional desktop computers.

  • We'll configure the template to suit your brand colours throughout.


It's important to us that the highest standards are met to make sure people of all ages and abilities including those using assistive technologies can use your website.

  • An accessible website provides a more equal user experience and makes it easier for users with differing hearing, movement, sight, or cognitive ability to use your website.

  • Accessibility can also benefit people without disability, such as people with slow internet connections, situational or temporary disabilities, or people using small or low quality screens.

  • We'll ensure your website meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. We'll also incorporate features that make the website easier to use by people who rely on assistive technologies: our goal will be to support the technologies people already use rather than requiring them to interact with new tools (text-resizers, etc.).


  • Easy to edit web pages and the ability to add new pages and sub-pages. You'll be able to easily add videos, images, links to downloadable documents and more.

  • You might like to include testimonials and longer format stories and associate these with relevant content across the website.

  • You'll be able to add image galleries, video, and frequently asked questions to any page or news post.

  • A blog and/or news listings in which you can categories your articles.

  • Easy to manage Board and team profiles.

  • Open Graph and Twitter Card tags automatically generated.

  • Landing pages that provide an overview of an area of content, and usually include features linking through to sub-pages for more details.

  • Embedded email newsletter (e.g. Mailchimp) subscribe form.

  • Google analytics integration and search engine optimization (SEO) features (page titles, meta descriptions) to help you with your Google ranking.

  • An event calendar. An optional upgrade to this could include online ticket sales.

  • Online forms, including an enquiry form. An optional upgrade is available that will provide additional field types such as file uploads, date pickers, and credit card payments via Stripe.

  • Website search.


To make the website easy for you to manage, we'll use Wordpress, the most widely used CMS globally. This will provide a secure and reliable website management system that you'll find very easy to use. Features will include:

  • Tools developed specifically for your needs to make sure the website is easy for you to manage.

  • Unlimited user accounts, and a range of user roles to provide different access privileges.

  • Wordpress is free, open source software giving you the freedom to engage any professional developer/agency in future rather than being tied to us forever.

  • Core software that will update itself automatically.

  • Media library that houses all uploaded documents and images and includes file search (searches file title meta data); includes automatic resizing of large images.

  • Any extensions we create for your website will be developed to the Wordpress standards and guidelines ensuring any competent developer can make further changes if required. We'll make use of one or two third-party plugins (Wordpress extensions) that we know and trust to provide additional security and online forms.


Software maintenance

It's essential that the software behind your system is kept up-to-date to prevent security and privacy breaches. Wordpress includes tools that you can use to manually update your own website (it's very easy). Alternatively, we can perform all updates for you as soon as they become available.

Web hosting

Our "NFP" website hosting package will be perfect for your new website. This includes HTTPS secure pages6, 8GB disk space, daily onsite and offsite backups. Server hardware and software are monitored 24/7/365 and any failure is dealt with immediately.

Content and data migration

If you'd like help with adding content to the website, we'll need to discuss options based on how much help you need and will provide a separate quote for this. But don't worry, we guarantee you'll find it easy to add content to your website yourself.

Membership management

The website could enable member groups to register and pay an annual subscription fee. You'd have the option to offer several levels of membership if needed, and set a price for each. Membership subscriptions can be set to automatically renew or you can enable members to choose to manually renew on their expiry date.

Members would have access to their own account page from where they'll be able to update their details, and access other members-only features and website content. You'll be able to restrict any page on the website to one or more membership levels.

A member's directory

Your website could include a member's directory. For this, members will be able to add/edit all the information display in their public profile page (group name, contact details, description, social media links, website address, etc): for those without their own website, this profile page could act as a micro-website. The public, and other members, would be able to filter the directory listing or search for a particular group.

Members-only features

If required, your website could enable your member groups to contribute to the website. Contributions might include:

  • Posting stories and news articles to your blog.
  • Adding events to be included your event calendar/listing.

Website copywriting

If you need help with writing good quality copy for your web pages, we can assist, either with copywriting for key pages or all of your website content.

Costs for copywriting hard to nail down until we have a better understanding of your needs, and as such we can only provide a typical “ballpark” estimate here subject to change on further consultation.

Interactive map

You might like to include an interactive map on your website showing the location of your offices.